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Welcome to the NSF 2010 Project on Essential Genes in Arabidopsis Seed Development. This project deals with genes that exhibit a seed phenotype when disrupted by a loss-of-function mutation. The updated database (December, 2010) includes 481 genes and 888 mutants. More than 60% of these mutants have been analyzed in the Meinke laboratory at Oklahoma State University. Recent additions not included in the database are listed at the Supplemental Gene Dataset link on the Access Page.

Information on Genes with Other Mutant Phenotypes

The Meinke laboratory has established a related dataset of gametophyte mutants in Arabidopsis and is updating our published list (Plant Physiol. 131: 409-418; 2003) of Arabidopsis genes with a mutant phenotype of any kind. We have also identified redundant genes with multiple mutant phenotypes. Links to these datasets will become available later.

Access Database   (Release 8: December, 2010)

Project Acknowledgments

This project was made possible through a T-DNA insertional mutagenesis program initiated by David Patton at Syngenta. Subsequent funding was provided by the NSF 2010 Program. Allan Dickerman at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute coordinates database and website functions. Seeds for mutants described here are available through the Arabidopsis stock centers.

Please cite the following publication for the SeedGenes database when utilizing information presented here:

Meinke D, Muralla R, Sweeney C, Dickerman A (2008) Identifying essential genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. Trends Plant Sci.13: 483-491.