OSU Syngenta vbi

Mutant: emb 2597-1

Embryo Phenotype Classes
XNo Embryo Found35
AGlobular Shape14
BGlobular with Suspensor0
CGlobular with Giant Suspensor0
DGlobular with Irregular Surface0
EEarly Transition to Heart Shape4
FElongate Shape0
GSmall Heart Shape14
HCotyledon and Hypocotyl Formation13
ILinear with Reduced Cotyledons3
JLarge Heart with Reduced Hypocotyl0
KLarge Heart with Multiple Apical Primordia0
LEarly Curled Cotyledon10
MProminent, Fused, or Folded Cotyledons0
NAdvanced Cotyledons; Signs of Vivipary7
ONormal Mature Cotyledon Shape0
TTwin Embryo0
Embryo Phenotype Subclasses

X (35)

A1 (12)

A2 (2)

E1 (1)

E2 (3)

G1 (11)

G2 (2)

G3 (1)

H1 (2)

H2 (9)

H3 (2)

I3 (3)

L1 (5)

L4 (5)

N1 (2)

N2 (5)