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SeedGenes Profile: EMB 2770

Gene Information
Gene Symbol EMB 2770
Chromosome Locus At4g03430   tair
Alleles in Database 2   See List OR Show All
Identity Confidence Confirmed
Alias Symbol STA 1 (J.K. Zhu) Sequence Identity
Gene Class Embryo Defective
Predicted Function U5 snRNP (Prp6)
Function Details Proposed role in pre-mRNA splicing
Gene Evidence
Border Recovery
Meinke; Zhu / Salk (1 allele)
Single Border Recovery
Meinke / Salk (1 allele)
Database Release October, 2007
Predicted Sequences
Gene:3430 nucleotides
mRNA: 3430 nucleotides
Protein:  1029 amino acids
cDNA Status FLcDNA Available: AY059720
Top BLAST Hits
Arabidopsis: Only self hit
Plant ESTs: Vitis vinifera (76%)
Model Genomes:  Homo sapiens (53%)
Subcellular Localization TargetP Not Targeted to Cell Compartment
mRNA Expression Data NASCArray Spot History for 255382_at
Mutant Information
Allele Symbol emb 2770-1
Mutant Class Embryo Defective
Source of Mutant Meinke; Zhu / Salk
Mutant Line Number SALK_009304
Ecotype Columbia
Genetic Background  
ABRC Stock  
Mutagen Treatment T-DNA
Insertion Mutant Yes   Details
Flanking Sequence  
Location of Mutation Exon 1
Terminal Phenotype Transition  Details
Nomarski Phenotype   Images
Allelism Evidence Reference Allele
Database Release October, 2007
Seed Color White to Pale Yellow
Embryo Color White to Pale Yellow
Percent Mutant Seeds 25.7 %
Chi - Square 0.2
Seeds Counted 746
Percent Top Half 49.0 %
Chi - Square 0.1
Average Seed Length 520 ± 80 µm
Average Embryo Length 60 ± 50 µm