OSU Syngenta vbi

SeedGenes Profile: LEC 1

Gene Information
Gene Symbol LEC 1
Chromosome Locus At1g21970   tair
Alleles in Database 2   See List OR Show All
Identity Confidence Confirmed
Alias Symbol  
Gene Class Embryo Defective
Predicted Function Transcriptional Regulator
Function Details HAP3 subunit of CCAAT-binding transcription factor
Gene Evidence
Sequenced Mutant Allele
J. Harada (1 allele)
Molecular Complementation
J. Harada (1 allele)
Border Recovery
J. Harada (1 allele)
Database Release March, 2002
Predicted Sequences
Gene:2041 nucleotides
mRNA: 936 nucleotides
Protein:  238 amino acids
cDNA Status FLcDNA Available: BX817959
Top BLAST Hits
Arabidopsis: Only self hit
Plant ESTs: Brassica napus (75%)
Model Genomes:   None
Subcellular Localization TargetP Not Targeted to Cell Compartment
mRNA Expression Data NASCArray Spot History for 260854_at
Mutant Information
Allele Symbol lec 1-2
Mutant Class Embryo Defective
Source of Mutant Meinke / Feldmann
Mutant Line Number CS2922
Ecotype Wassilewskija
Genetic Background  
ABRC Stock CS2922
Mutagen Treatment T-DNA
Insertion Mutant Yes   Details
Flanking Sequence  
Location of Mutation Upstream
Terminal Phenotype Cotyledon  Details
Nomarski Phenotype  
Allelism Evidence Complementation Test; Sequence Identity
Database Release March, 2002
Seed Color Pale Green
Embryo Color Pale Green
Percent Mutant Seeds 21.0 %
Chi - Square 8.3
Seeds Counted 971
Percent Top Half 43.1 %
Chi - Square 3.8
Average Seed Length 510 ± 30 µm
Average Embryo Length 420 ± 50 µm