OSU Syngenta vbi

SeedGenes Profile: SUS 1

Gene Information
Gene Symbol SUS 1
Chromosome Locus At1g01040   tair
Alleles in Database 7   See List OR Show All
Identity Confidence Confirmed
Alias Symbol SIN 1 (A. Ray) Sequence Identity
CAF (S. Jacobsen) Sequence Identity
DCL 1 (A. Ray) Alternate Name
EMB 76 (D. Meinke) Alternate Name
Gene Class Embryo Defective
Predicted Function RNA Helicase
Function Details Similar in sequence to a Drosophila protein (Dicer) involved in cleavage of dsRNAs and gene silencing during development
Gene Evidence
Sequenced Mutant Allele
A. Ray (1 allele)
Double Border Recovery
Meinke / Syngenta (4 alleles)
Database Release March, 2002
Predicted Sequences
Gene:8082 nucleotides
mRNA: 6251 nucleotides
Protein:  1909 amino acids
cDNA Status FLcDNA Available: AF292940
Top BLAST Hits
Arabidopsis: AT3G43920.1 (37%)
Plant ESTs: Medicago truncatula (70%)
Model Genomes:  Caenorhabditis elegans (31%)
Subcellular Localization TargetP Not Targeted to Cell Compartment
mRNA Expression Data NASCArray Spot History for 261584_at
Mutant Information
Allele Symbol sus 1-8
Mutant Class Embryo Defective
Source of Mutant Meinke / Genoplante
Mutant Line Number DYI105
Ecotype Wassilewskija
Genetic Background  
ABRC Stock CS24092
Mutagen Treatment T-DNA
Insertion Mutant Yes   Details
Flanking Sequence  
Location of Mutation Exon 19 to Intron 19
Terminal Phenotype Globular  Details
Nomarski Phenotype   Images
Allelism Evidence Complementation Test; Sequence Identity
Database Release March, 2004
Seed Color Pale Green
Embryo Color Pale Green
Percent Mutant Seeds 26.2 %
Chi - Square 0.8
Seeds Counted 1033
Percent Top Half 51.6 %
Chi - Square 0.6
Average Seed Length 490 ± 70 µm
Average Embryo Length 140 ± 60 µm