OSU Syngenta vbi

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Chromosome Locus Gene Symbol
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Gene Class Identity Confidence Alleles in DB Source of Mutant Predicted Function
At1g01040SUS 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed7Meinke / Genoplante (2), Meinke / Syngenta (4), Meinke / Feldmann (1)RNA Helicase
At1g01370CENH 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1S. Chan (1)Centromere-Specific Histone
At1g02090FUS 5Seed PigmentConfirmed1S. Misera (1)Component of COP9 Signalosome
At1g02560CLPP 5Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3van Wijk / Salk (1), van Wijk / SAIL (2)Chloroplast Clp Protease Subunit
At1g02580MEA50% Defective SeedsConfirmed1Meinke / Feldmann (1)SET Domain Polycomb Protein
At1g02780EMB 2386Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Ribosomal Protein L19
At1g03360RRP 4Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Belostotsky / Salk (1)rRNA Processing; Exonuclease
At1g04635EMB 1687Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Ribonuclease P Family (POP5)
At1g04950EMB 2781Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)TATA Box Binding Protein
At1g05190EMB 2394Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Chloroplast 50S Ribosomal Protein L6
At1g05600EMB 3101Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Myouga / Riken (2)PPR Protein
At1g05750PDE 247Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)PPR Protein
At1g06145EMB 1444Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PPR Protein
At1g06570PDS 1Seed PigmentConfirmed1D. DellaPenna (1)p-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate Dioxygenase
At1g06950TIC 110Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Jarvis / SAIL (1), Jarvis / Salk (1)Chloroplast Import Protein
At1g07320EMB 2784Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)Plastid Ribosomal Protein L4
At1g08130LIG 1Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Kushnir (1)DNA Replication and Repair
At1g08260EMB 2284Embryo DefectiveConfirmed7Devic / Salk (1), Meinke / Syngenta (3), Jenik / Joy (1), Devic / Versailles (1), Meinke / DuPont (1)Subunit of DNA Polymerase Epsilon
At1g08510FATBEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Ohlrogge / Madison (1)Acyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Thioesterase
At1g08520PDE 166Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Magnesium Chelatase (CHLD)
At1g08560KNEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1G. Jurgens (1)Cytokinesis-Specific Syntaxin
At1g08840EMB 2411Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Genoplante (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (2)Helicase/Nuclease (Dna2)
At1g09770AtCDC 5Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1L.J. Qu / GABI (1)MYB Domain Transcription Factor
At1g10270GRP 23Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Yang / Salk (2), Yang / Sundaresan (1)Novel PPR Protein
At1g10510EMB 2004Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Uncertain
At1g10910EMB 3103Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Myouga / Wisconsin (1)Unknown
At1g11680EMB 1738Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), K. Feldmann (1)Obtusifoliol 14-Alpha Demethylase (CYP51)
At1g12260EMB 2749Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)NAM-Like Protein
At1g12360KEUEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1G. Jurgens (1)Cytokinesis-Related Sec1 Protein
At1g12410EMB 3146Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Salk (2), van Wijk / SAIL (1)Chloroplast Clp Protease Proteolytic Subunit
At1g12770EMB 1586Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3P. Zambryski (1), Meinke / Syngenta (2)DEAD/DEAH Box RNA Helicase
At1g13980EMB 30Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Shevell / Feldmann (1), G. Jurgens (1), D. Meinke (1)ARF Guanine Exchange Factor
At1g14610TWN 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Somerville / Feldmann (1)Valyl tRNA Synthetase
At1g15220AtCCMHEmbryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Bonnard / Salk (1)Mitochondrial Cytochrome C Maturation
At1g15510AtECB 2Seed PigmentConfirmed2Yang / Salk (1), Myouga / Salk (1)PPR protein
At1g17220FUG 1Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Sakamoto / Salk (1)Chloroplast Translation Initiation Factor (cpIF2)
At1g18450ARP 4Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1R. Meagher (1)Actin-Related Protein
At1g19080TTN 10Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)GINS Complex Subunit (PSF3)
At1g19800TGD 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1C. Benning (1)Chloroplast Envelope Protein
At1g19850MPEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1G. Jurgens (1)B3 Domain Transcription Factor
At1g20050HYD 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2K. Lindsey (2)Sterol Isomerase
At1g20110PDE 330Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Zinc Finger Protein
At1g20200EMB 2719Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)26S Proteasome Regulatory Subunit (RPN3)
At1g20960EMB 1507Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (4)Spliceosome-Associated RNA Helicase
At1g21310RSHEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1M. Cannon (1)Cell Wall Hydroxyproline-Rich Glycoprotein
At1g21390EMB 2170Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At1g21690EMB 1968Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Riken (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Replication Factor C
At1g21970LEC 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Feldmann (2)Transcriptional Regulator
At1g22090EMB 2204Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At1g22700PYG 7Seed PigmentConfirmed3R. Oelmuller (1), Oelmuller / SAIL (1), Myouga / Riken (1)TPR protein; Photosystem I
At1g23400AtCAF 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Barkan / Salk (2)Chloroplast Intron Splicing Factor
At1g24340EMB 2421Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / DuPont (1)Polyketide Hydroxylase Related Monooxygenase
At1g24706EMB 2793Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)THO/TREX Complex Component (THO2)
At1g28300LEC 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meinke / Feldmann (1)B3 Domain Transcription Factor
At1g30610EMB 2279Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (1), Vernon / Salk (2), Meinke / DuPont (1)PPR Protein
At1g31860HISN 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Salk (3)Histidine Biosynthesis
At1g32490EMB 2733Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)RNA Helicase (Prp2)
At1g34430EMB 3003Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Genoplante (1)Dihydrolipoamide S-Acetyltransferase; Chloroplast Pyruvate Decarboxylase Complex; Putative E3 Binding Protein
At1g34550EMB 2756Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At1g36160ACC 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed6J.D. Faure (2), C. Rochat (1), R. Torres-Ruiz (1), D. Meinke (1), Rochat / Versailles (1)Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase
At1g43170EMB 2207Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Ribosomal Protein L3
At1g43710EMB 1075Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Serine Decarboxylase
At1g44900MCM 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Raynaud / Salk (1), Raynaud / GABI (1)Putative DNA Helicase Subunit
At1g48175EMB 2191Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)tRNA Adenosine Deaminase
At1g48350EMB 3105Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Chloroplast 50S Ribosomal Protein L18
At1g48850EMB 1144Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Chorismate Synthase
At1g49400EMB 1129Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Ribosomal Protein S17
At1g49510EMB 1273Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Unknown
At1g49770RGE 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Matsui / GABI (1), Matsui / FLAG (1)bHLH Protein
At1g49880EMB 3106Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Salk (2), Myouga / CSHL (1)Mitochondrial Sulfhydryl Oxidase
At1g50030TOREmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Robaglia / Versailles (2)Protein Kinase (Target of Rapamycin)
At1g51450TRAUCOEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Arce-Johnson / SAIL (1)Trithorax Class Transcriptional Regulator
At1g53580ETHE 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Makaroff / Feldmann (1)Glyoxylate-Like Protein
At1g55350EMB 1275Embryo DefectiveConfirmed6Meinke / Syngenta (2), Olsen / GABI (1), Ingram / SAIL (1), Meinke / DuPont (1), Olsen / Dellaporta (1)Calpain-Type Cysteine Protease
At1g55600MINI 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2A. Chaudhury (1), Chaudhury / Salk (1)WRKY Transcription Factor
At1g55870AtPARNEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed3Green, Belostotsky / Madison (3)CAF1 Family Ribonuclease
At1g55900EMB 1860Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Protein (Tim50)
At1g56200EMB 1303Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Yang / Salk (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At1g58210EMB 1674Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At1g59990EMB 3108Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / Wisconsin (1)Putative RNA Helicase
At1g60170EMB 1220Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PRP31 Splicing Factor
At1g62360STMEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2K. Barton (2)Knotted Class Homeodomain Protein
At1g62750SCO 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Hangarter / Salk (2)Plastid Elongation Factor G
At1g63160EMB 2811Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / GABI (1), Meinke / SAIL (1)DNA Replication Factor (RFC5)
At1g63680PDE 316Seed PigmentConfirmed5Takano / Wisconsin (2), Meinke / Syngenta (1), Takano / Riken (1), Takano / Salk (1)Similar to Bacterial mur E Protein
At1g63700YDAEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed3W. Lukowitz (2), D. Meinke (1)MAP3K Protein Kinase
At1g63970ISPFSeed PigmentConfirmed2Myouga / Salk (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Isoprenoid Biosynthesis
At1g64790ILAEmbryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Grossniklaus / Salk (1)Translational Activator (GCN1)
At1g65360AGL 23Seed PigmentConfirmed2Colombo / Salk (2)MADS Box Transcription Factor
At1g66520PDE 194Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Methionyl-tRNA Formyltransferase
At1g67320EMB 2813Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke / SAIL (1)DNA Polymerase Alpha (POLA3)
At1g67440EMB 1688Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Uncertain
At1g67490KNFEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed3Lepiniec / Versailles (2), C. Somerville (1)Alpha Glucosidase I
At1g67630EMB 2814Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Riken (1), Meinke / Salk (1)DNA Polymerase Alpha (POLA2)
At1g67730KCR 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Kunst / Riken (1)B-Ketoacyl-Coenzyme A Reductase
At1g68450PDE 337Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Uncertain
At1g68730AtZR 1Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Lorbiecke / GABI (1)Zinc Finger Protein
At1g70070ISE 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Zambryski / Lehle (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1), D. Meinke (1)DEAD Box Helicase
At1g71440PFIEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2U. Mayer (2)Tubulin Folding Cofactor E
At1g71720PDE 338Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / CSHL (1)RNA Binding Protein
At1g74850PDE 343Seed PigmentConfirmed2Oelmuller / Salk (1), Myouga / Salk (1)PPR; TPR Domain Protein
At1g74900OTP 43Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Small / SAIL (1)PPR Protein; Mitochondrial Splicing
At1g74960FAB 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Shanklin / Salk (1)Ketoacyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Synthase
At1g74970TWN 3Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Ribosomal Protein S9
At1g75350EMB 2184Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Chloroplast Ribosomal Protein L31
At1g75660XRN 3Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed2Mallory / Salk (1), Mallory / SAIL (1)PTGS Suppressor
At1g76060EMB 1793Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At1g76620PDE 339Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / CSHL (1)Unknown
At1g77470EMB 2810Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meinke / SAIL (1)DNA Replication Factor (RFC5)
At1g78580TPS 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2I. Graham (2)Trehalose-6-Phosphate Synthase 1
At1g78630EMB 1473Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Chloroplast Ribosomal Protein L13
At1g79230STR 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Zhang / SAIL (1), Zhang / Salk (1)Mitochondrial Sulfurtransferase 1
At1g79350EMB 1135Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)DNA-Binding Protein
At1g79490EMB 2217Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PPR Protein
At1g79560EMB 1047Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (2), D. Meinke (1), Meinke / DuPont (1)Chloroplast FtsH-Like Protease
At1g79810PEX 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Hu / Salk (1)Peroxisomal Protein
At1g79850PDE 347Seed PigmentConfirmed1Myouga / JIC (1)Chloroplast Ribosomal Protein S17
At1g80070SUS 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (2), Meinke / Feldmann (1)PRP8 Splicing Factor
At1g80260EMB 1427Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Gamma Tubulin (GCP5)
At1g80410EMB 2753Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)N-Terminal Acetyltransferase
At1g80770PDE 318Seed PigmentConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (2)Uncertain
At2g01140PDE 345Seed PigmentNot Confirmed2Myouga / Riken (2)Fructose-Biphosphate Aldolase
At2g01190PDE 331Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / JIC (1)Uncertain
At2g01350QPTEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Hashimoto / CSHL (1)NAD Biosynthesis
At2g01390EMB 3111Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Myouga / Riken (3)PPR Protein
At2g01420PIN 4Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3K. Palme (3)Transmembrane Auxin Efflux Carrier
At2g01735RIE 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Li / Salk (1), Li (1)Uncertain
At2g01860EMB 975Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Mireau / Versailles (1)PPR Protein
At2g02150EMB 2794Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)Putative PPR Protein
At2g03050EMB 93Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Apel / Salk (2), Meinke / DuPont (1)Plastid mTERF-Related Protein
At2g03150EMB 1579Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (2), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At2g03870EMB 2816Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)snRNP; RNA Splicing (LSm7)
At2g04030EMB 1956Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Heat Shock Protein (Hsp90)
At2g04530TRZ 2Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Marchfelder / Salk (1)Plastid tRNA Biosynthesis
At2g04842EMB 2761Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)Threonine tRNA Synthetase
At2g15290CIA 5Seed PigmentConfirmed3Li / SAIL (1), Myouga / Salk (1), HM. Li (1)Chloroplast Import Protein
At2g17090SSPEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1W. Lukowitz (1)Cytoplasmic Receptor Kinase
At2g17250EMB 2762Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)U3 SnoRNP
At2g17510EMB 2763Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Ribonuclease II
At2g18020EMB 2296Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Ribosomal Protein L8/L2
At2g18290EMB 2783Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Anaphase-Promoting Complex (APC10)
At2g18390TTN 5Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), W. Lukowitz (1)ARL2 GTPase
At2g18510EMB 2444Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Spliceosome Associated Protein (SAP49)
At2g19450TAG 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Lepiniec / Versailles (1), D. Taylor (1)Diacylglycerol Transferase (DGAT)
At2g20580RPN 1AEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed3Grossniklaus / Sundaresan (1), Grossniklaus / Salk (2)26S Proteasome Subunit
At2g21470EMB 2764Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke; Vierstra / Salk (1)SUMO Activating Enzyme
At2g21710EMB 2219Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At2g22870EMB 2001Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Uncertain
At2g24120PDE 319Seed PigmentConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Micol / Salk (2)Chloroplast DNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase
At2g25660EMB 2410Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (2), Meinke / Salk (2)Unknown
At2g25710HCS 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Alban / SAIL (1), Alban / FLAG (1)Holocarboxylase Synthetase
At2g26060EMB 1345Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)WD Repeat Protein (Ciao1)
At2g26350PEX 10Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Gietl / Baker (1)Peroxisomal Protein
At2g26510PDE 135Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Permease
At2g26830EMB 1187Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Choline Kinase
At2g26890GRV 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Silady (1)DnaJ Domain Protein (RME-8)
At2g26930PDE 277Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Chen / Salk (1)Isoprenoid Biosynthesis in Plastids
At2g27170TTN 7Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)SMC3 Cohesin
At2g28000SLPEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Goldberg / Feldmann (1)Chaperonin-60a
At2g28800ALB 3Seed PigmentConfirmed1E. Sundberg (1)Chloroplast Protein Translocase (Oxa1p)
At2g28880EMB 1997Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Bifunctional PABA Synthase; Glutamine Amidotransferase
At2g30200EMB 3147Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / JIC (1)ACP-S-Malonyltransferase
At2g30410KISEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2U. Mayer (2)Tubulin Folding Cofactor A
At2g30920EMB 3002Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Genoplante (1)Hexaprenyldihydroxybenzoate Methyltransferase
At2g30950VAR 2Seed PigmentConfirmed1S. Rodermel (1)Chloroplast Homolog of FtsH
At2g31060EMB 2785Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)E2Fa Transcriptional Activator
At2g31305INH 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Shimazaki / Salk (1), Shimazaki / SAIL (1)Protein Phosphatase 1 Regulatory Subunit
At2g31340EMB 1381Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Unknown
At2g31530EMB 2289Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (3)Chloroplast Protein Translocase (SECY2)
At2g32590EMB 2795Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Non-SMC Condensin Complex Subunit H
At2g32950COP 1Seed PigmentConfirmed1Deng / Feldmann (1)Nuclear Protein that Represses Photomorphogenesis in the Dark
At2g33430DAL 1Seed PigmentConfirmed2S. Kushnir (1), R. Mache (1)Plastid rRNA Processing
At2g33800EMB 3113Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Chloroplast 30S Ribosomal Protein S5
At2g34650PIDEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2D. Smyth (2)Serine-Threonine Protein Kinase
At2g34780EMB 1611Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Uncertain
At2g35650CSLA 7Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1P. Dupree (1)Cellulose Synthase-Like Glycosyltransferase
At2g35670FIS 250% Defective SeedsConfirmed1A. Chaudhury (1)Zinc Finger Transcriptional Regulator
At2g36000EMB 3114Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Uncertain
At2g36230HISN 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Salk (2), Shinozaki / Riken (1)Histidine Biosynthesis
At2g37560ORC 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1U. Grossniklaus (1)Origin Recognition Complex Subunit 2
At2g37920EMB 1513Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At2g38020VCL 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Somerville / Feldmann (1)Vacuolar Protein Sorting (Vps16)
At2g38280FAC 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Liu (2)AMP Deaminase
At2g38670PECT 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Nishida / TILLING (1)Phosphatidylethanolamine Biosynthesis
At2g38770EMB 2765Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)U5 Associated Protein (Aquarius)
At2g39080EMB 2799Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)Unknown
At2g39140PDE 328Seed PigmentConfirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)Pseudouridine Synthase; RNA binding
At2g39770CYT 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Feldmann (2)Mannose-1-Phosphate Guanyltransferase; GDP-Mannose Pyrophosphorylase
At2g40930PDE 323Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Ubiquitin-Specific Protease (UBP5)
At2g41350EMB 2819Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)HAUS1 Subunit of Augmin Complex
At2g41500EMB 2776Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3U. Grossniklaus (1), Meinke; Hoth; Grossniklaus  / Sa (1), Hoth / WiscDsLox (1)U4/U6 snRNP (Prp4)
At2g41720EMB 2654Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PPR Protein
At2g43360BIO 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1D. Meinke (1)Biotin Synthase
At2g43650EMB 2777Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)U3 snoRNP (Utp3); Processome Small Subunit
At2g44190EMB 3116Embryo DefectiveConfirmed5Hills / Salk (2), C. Benning (1), Myouga / Riken (2)Novel Microtubule Associated Protein
At2g45000EMB 2766Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)COPII Coat Protein (Sec31)
At2g45270GCP 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Adamska / GABI (2)Mitochondrial Glycoprotease
At2g45330EMB 1067Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Riken (1)2' tRNA Phosphotransferase
At2g45690SSEEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), H. Goodman (1)Peroxisomal Biogenesis Factor (Pex16)
At2g47620AtSWI 3AEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed4Jerzmanowski / Salk (1), Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke; Jerzmanowski / Salk (2)DNA Binding Protein
At2g47940EMB 3117Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / JIC (1)Chloroplast DegP2 Protease
At2g48120PACSeed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Scolnik / Feldmann (1)Uncertain
At3g01370AtCFM 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Barkan / (1), Barkan / Salk (1)Chloroplast Intron Splicing Factor
At3g01610EMB 1354Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)AAA ATPase (CD48C)
At3g02280ATR 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Delorme / Salk (1), Delorme / Versailles (1)Cytochrome P450 Reductase Like
At3g02660EMB 2768Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Tyrosine tRNA Synthetase
At3g03710PDE 326Seed PigmentConfirmed4Meinke / Salk (2), Rodriguez-Concepcion / Weigel (1), Rodriguez-Concepcion / Salk (1)Plastid Polynucleotide Phosphorylase
At3g04260PDE 324Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)SAP Domain Protein (PTAC3)
At3g04340EMB 2458Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Myouga / Riken (1)FtsH Protease (AAA ATPase)
At3g04400EMB 2171Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Ribosomal Protein L17/L23
At3g04460PEX 12Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Hu / Salk (1)Peroxisomal Protein
At3g04520THA 2Seed PigmentConfirmed3Jander / SAIL (1), Jander / Salk (2)Threonine Aldolase
At3g04680CLPS 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Li / Salk (1)Polyadenylation Factor
At3g04790EMB 3119Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / SAIL (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Ribulose-5-Phosphate Isomerase
At3g04870PDE 181Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Zeta Carotene Desaturase
At3g05680EMB 2016Embryo DefectiveConfirmed5Meinke / Syngenta (5)Unknown
At3g06350EMB 3004Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Genoplante (1), Sing / EXOTIC (1)Dehydroquinate Dehydratase; Shikimate Dehydrogenase
At3g06430EMB 2750Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (1), Myouga / Riken (3)PPR Protein
At3g06960PDE 320Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Uncertain
At3g07060EMB 1974Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Unknown
At3g07430EMB 1990Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At3g08850RAPTOR 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meyer / Versailles (1), Meyer / Salk (2)Binding Partner of Target of Rapamycin (TOR) Kinase
At3g10220EMB 2804Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke / SAIL (1)Tubulin Folding Cofactor B
At3g10670AtNAP 7Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Moller / Salk (1)Plastidic SufC-Like ABC/ATPase
At3g10690AtGYR AEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Maxwell / GABI (1)DNA Gyrase Subunit A
At3g11670DGD 1Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), C. Benning (1)Digalactosyl Diacylglycerol Synthase
At3g11940AML 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1R. Offringa (1)Ribosomal Protein S5
At3g12080EMB 2738Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At3g12670EMB 2742Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)CTP Synthase (UTP-Ammonia Ligase)
At3g13200EMB 2769Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)U5 Associated Protein (Cwc15)
At3g14900EMB 3120Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Unknown
At3g16290EMB 2083Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (3)FtsH Protease (AAA ATPase)
At3g17300EMB 2786Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Unknown
At3g17650PDE 321Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)OPT Transporter (YSL5)
At3g17910EMB 3121Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Riken (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Cytochrome C Oxidase Assembly in Mitochondria
At3g18110EMB 1270Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Vernon / Salk (1)PPR Protein
At3g18290EMB 2454Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Zinc Finger Protein
At3g18390EMB 1865Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Chloroplast Splicing Factor (CFM1)
At3g19700IKU 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3A. Chaudhury (3)LRR Kinase
At3g19770AtVPS 9AEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1A. Nakano (1)Rab5 Guanine Exchange Factor
At3g19980EMB 2736Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Serine/Threonine Protein Phosphatase 6
At3g20070TTN 9Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / GABI (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At3g20400EMB 2743Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Uncertain
At3g20440EMB 2729Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)1,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme
At3g20630TTN 6Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)UBP14 Deubiquitinating Enzyme
At3g20740FIE50% Defective SeedsConfirmed1R. Fischer (1)WD Polycomb Protein
At3g23110EMB 2800Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)LRR Protein (AtRLP37)
At3g24560RSY 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Goldberg / Feldmann (1)Uncertain
At3g25860PL E2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Oliver / Madison (1)Chloroplast Pyruvate Decarboxylase E2 Subunit
At3g26790FUS 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1H. Baumlein (1)B3 Domain Transcription Factor
At3g26900SKL 1Seed PigmentConfirmed2Christendat / Salk (2)Uncertain
At3g27670RST 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Jenks / Weigel (1), Jenks / Salk (2)Unknown
At3g27750EMB 3123Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Uncertain
At3g29290EMB 2076Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PPR Protein
At3g44530HIRAEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Timmermans / Salk (2)Chromatin Remodeling Factor
At3g46560EMB 2474Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Small Zinc Finger Protein
At3g46740TOC 75Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Jarvis / Salk (1), Jarvis / Koncz (1)Chloroplast Import Protein
At3g48110EDDEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), T. Altmann (1)Chloroplast Glycyl tRNA Synthetase
At3g48470EMB 2423Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (2), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At3g48500PDE 312Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Uncertain
At3g48750CDC 2A50% Defective SeedsConfirmed2Schnittger / Sekine / Salk (1), Schnittger / Koncz (1)Cyclin-Dependent Kinase
At3g48930EMB 1080Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Ribosomal Protein S11
At3g49170EMB 2261Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Vernon / Salk (1)PPR Protein
At3g49240EMB 1796Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Vernon / Salk (1)PPR Protein
At3g49660AtMUT 11Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Cerutti (1)Subunit of Histone Methyltransferase Complex
At3g50870MNPEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1W. Lukowitz (1)GATA Factor Transcriptional Regulator
At3g51820PDE 325Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Chlorophyll Synthase (CHLG/ATG4)
At3g52380PDE 322Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Chloroplast RNA Binding Protein (CP33)
At3g52590EMB 2167Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Genoplante (1), Meinke / Syngenta (2)Ubiquitin Fused to Ribosomal Protein L40 (UbA52)
At3g52940FKEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1G. Jurgens (1)Sterol C-14 Reductase
At3g54010PAS 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1J.D. Faure (1)Immunophilin-like FK506 Binding Protein
At3g54170FIP 37Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Herzog / Versailles (1)FKBP12 Interacting Protein
At3g54320WRI 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1C. Benning (1)Transcription Factor
At3g54350EMB 1967Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Genoplante (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1)Forkhead-Associated (FHA) Domain Protein
At3g54650FBL 1750% Defective SeedsConfirmed2Genschik / GABI (2)F-Box Protein
At3g54660EMB 2360Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (3)Chloroplast Glutathione Reductase
At3g54670TTN 8Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Genoplante (1), Meinke / Syngenta (2)SMC1 Cohesin
At3g54720AMP 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1A. Chaudhury (1)Putative Glutamate Carboxypeptidase
At3g55010EMB 2818Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke / SAIL (1)Phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine Cyclo-ligase (PUR5)
At3g55250PDE 329Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Uncertain
At3g55510RBLEmbryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Trehin ./ Salk (1)Uncertain
At3g55610P5CS 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1C. Koncz (1)Proline Biosynthesis
At3g55620EMB 1624Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Translation Initiation Factor (EIF-6)
At3g57870EMB 1637Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Vierstra / Salk (2), Meinke / Syngenta (1)SUMO Conjugating Enzyme (SCE1)
At3g60740TTN 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (2), Meinke / Feldmann (1)Tubulin Folding Cofactor D
At3g60830ARP 7Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meagher / SAIL (1)Actin-Related Protein
At3g61140FUS 6Seed PigmentConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Feldmann (2)Component of COP9 Signalosome
At3g61780EMB 1703Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (2), Meinke / Salk (1)Unknown
At3g62910APG 3Seed PigmentConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (3)Translation Releasing Factor RF-1
At3g63490EMB 3126Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Myouga / JIC (1), Myouga / CSHL (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Chloroplast 50S Ribosomal Protein L1
At4g00220JLOEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Simon / JIC (1), Simon / Salk (1)LOB domain protein
At4g00620EMB 3127Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Myouga / JIC (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Folic Acid Biosynthesis
At4g01800AGY 1Seed PigmentConfirmed2 (1), Wang / Salk (1)Thylakoid Protein Translocase (cpSecA)
At4g02060PRLEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1P. Springer (1)DNA Replication Licensing Factor
At4g02570AXR 6Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Genschik / Versailles (2), L. Hobbie (1)Cullin 1 Protein
At4g02790EMB 3129Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / SAIL (1), Myouga / Wisconsin (1)Uncertain
At4g02980ABP 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Jones / Madison (1)Auxin Binding Protein 1
At4g03240AtFHEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Gomez-Casati / Salk (2)Frataxin
At4g03280PETCSeed PigmentConfirmed4Leister / Salk (1), Leister / Weisshaar (1), Leister / CSHL (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Rieske Subunit of Cytochrome b6f Complex
At4g03430EMB 2770Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke; Zhu / Salk (1)U5 snRNP (Prp6)
At4g04350EMB 2369Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Genoplante (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1)Leucyl tRNA Synthetase
At4g05410YAOEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Yang / Sundaresan (1)snoRNP Protein
At4g09650PDE 332Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / JIC (1)Chloroplast ATP Synthase Delta Chain
At4g09980EMB 1691Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)DNA Methyltransferase
At4g10180DET 1Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), J. Chory (1)Nuclear-Localized Protein
At4g10760EMB 1706Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (2), Fray / Salk (2)Methyltransferase MT-A70
At4g11150EMB 2448Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), U. Mayer (1), Mayer / Salk (1)Vacuolar H+ ATPase (VHA-E1)
At4g13750EMB 2597Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At4g13940EMB 1395Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Furner / CSHL (1), Furner / Salk (1)S-Adenosyl Homocysteine Hydrolase
At4g14110COP 9Seed PigmentConfirmed1Deng / Feldmann (1)Component of COP9 Signalosome
At4g14210PDE 226Seed PigmentConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), LJ Qu (1), Qu / Salk (1)Phytoene Desaturase
At4g14590EMB 2739Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Uncertain
At4g15560CLASeed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Mandel / Feldmann (1)1-Deoxyxylulose 5-Phosphate Synthase
At4g16370OPT 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Stacey / Madison (1)Oligopeptide Transporter
At4g18480CH 42Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), J. Relichova (1)Magnesium Chelatase (CHLI)
At4g19350EMB 3006Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Genoplante (1)Unknown
At4g20060EMB 1895Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Unknown
At4g20090EMB 1025Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Vernon / Salk (1)PPR Protein
At4g20740EMB 3131Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Myouga / CSHL (1), Myouga / Riken (1)PPR Protein
At4g21130EMB 2271Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)WD-40 Repeat; U3 snoRNP Associated Protein
At4g21190EMB 1417Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / SAIL (1)5' Adenylsulfate Reductase (APR3)
At4g21710EMB 1989Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)RNA Polymerase II Subunit
At4g21800QQT 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Devic / Salk (1)ATP/GTP Binding Protein
At4g22260IMSeed PigmentConfirmed1S. Rodermel (1)Chloroplast Homolog of Mitochondrial Alternative Oxidase
At4g22970AESPEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Makaroff / Salk (2)Separase
At4g23100RML 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), R. Sung (1)Gamma-Glutamylcysteine Synthetase
At4g23250EMB 1290Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Protein Kinase
At4g23430TIC 32Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Soll / SAIL (1), Soll / GABI (1)Subunit of Tic Complex; Short chain dehydrogenase
At4g23660AtPPT 1Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Yamane / Feldmann (1)Ubiquinone Biosynthesis
At4g24270EMB 140Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / DuPont (1)Uncertain
At4g25080CHLMSeed PigmentConfirmed1Block / Versailles (1)Magnesium Protoporphyrin IX Methyltransferase
At4g26300EMB 1027Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Arginyl tRNA Synthetase
At4g26500EMB 1374Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (1), Moller / SAIL (1), Meinke / Salk (1), Moller / Salk (1)Activator of Plastidic and Mitochondrial Desulfurases (AtSufE)
At4g26900HISN 4Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Salk (2), Meinke / SAIL (1)Histidine Biosynthesis
At4g27010EMB 2788Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Uncertain
At4g28210EMB 1923Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Unknown
At4g28590PDE 333Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Unknown
At4g29060EMB 2726Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Beligni / SAIL (2)Translation Elongation Factor Ts
At4g29660EMB 2752Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At4g29860EMB 2757Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (2), Harada / Feldmann (1), Harada / Salk (1)Uncertain
At4g29910EMB 2798Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)Origin of Replication Complex (ORC5)
At4g30580EMB 1995Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1), Salk (1)Lysophosphatidic Acid Acyltransferase (LPAAT)
At4g30720PDE 327Seed PigmentConfirmed2Myouga / Riken (2)Unknown
At4g31160DCAF 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Deng / Salk (2)Nuclear Ubiquitin E3 Ligase
At4g31770DBR 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1S. Perry (1)Lariat Debranching Enzyme
At4g31780EMB 2797Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Ohta; Meinke / Salk (1)MGDG (Galactolipid) Synthesis
At4g32260PDE 334Seed PigmentNot Confirmed2Myouga / CSHL (1), Myouga / Riken (1)ATP Synthase Family
At4g32400EMB 104Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / GABI (1), Meinke / Salk (1), D. Meinke (1), Meinke / DuPont (1)Transport Protein (SHS1/AtBT1)
At4g32410RSW 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1T. Berleth (1)Cellulose Synthase
At4g32720AtLA 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Bousquet-Antonelli / SAIL (1), Bousquet-Antonelli / GABI (1)RNA Binding Protein
At4g33090APM 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2A. Murphy / (1), A. Murphy (1)Bifunctional M1 Aminopeptidase
At4g33460EMB 2751Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)ABC Transporter
At4g33495RPD 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Sugiyama / Salk (1)PORR Domain Protein
At4g33680AGD 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Greenberg / Madison (1)Class 2 Aminotransferase
At4g33990EMB 2758Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PPR Protein
At4g34620SSR 16Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1N. Fedoroff (1)Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein S16
At4g34830PDE 346Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)PPR Protein
At4g36480EMB 2779Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)Serine Palmitoyltransferase (LCB1 Subunit)
At4g36630EMB 2754Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Putative Vacuolar Protein (VPS39)
At4g38160PDE 191Seed PigmentConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke / SAIL (1)Uncertain
At4g39120IMPL 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Ingle / SAIL (1), Ingle / Salk (1)Histidinol-Phosphate Phosphatase
At4g39620EMB 2453Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Vernon / Salk (1)PPR Protein
At4g39920POREmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2U. Mayer (2)Tubulin Folding Cofactor C
At5g02120PDE 335Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / JIC (1)Uncertain
At5g02190AtASP 38Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Xia / SAIL (1), D. Meinke (1)Aspartic Protease
At5g02250EMB 2730Embryo DefectiveConfirmed5Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke; Stern / Salk (1), Stern / Salk (2)Ribonuclease II Family Protein
At5g03800EMB 1899Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (2), Meinke / Feldmann (1), Vernon / Feldmann (1)PPR Protein
At5g04560DME50% Defective SeedsConfirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)DNA Glycosylase
At5g05560EMB 2771Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)E3 Ubiquitin Ligase (APC1)
At5g05680EMB 2789Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Nuclear Envelope Protein (Nup88)
At5g06240EMB 2735Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At5g07280EXSEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed3H. Dickinson (3)LRR Receptor Kinase
At5g07500PEIEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1T. Thomas (1)Zinc Finger Transcriptional Regulator
At5g08130BIM 1Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Werr / Salk (1)bHLH Protein Interactor of Transcription Factors
At5g08170EMB 1873Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (2)Agmatine Iminohydrolase
At5g08470EMB 2817Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)AAA ATPase (PEX1)
At5g08610PDE 340Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)DEAD Box RNA Helicase
At5g09790PDE 336Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Myouga / JIC (1)SET-Domain Protein (ATXR5)
At5g09900EMB 2107Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)26S Proteasome Regulatory Subunit (RPN5)
At5g10330HISN 6AEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / SAIL (1)Histidinol Phosphate Aminotransferase
At5g10360EMB 3010Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Genoplante (1)40S Ribosomal Protein S6 (RPS6B)
At5g10480PAS 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2J.D. Faure (1), R. Torres-Ruiz (1)3-Hydroxy-Acyl-CoA Dehydratase
At5g11890EMB 3135Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Unknown
At5g12130PDE 149Seed PigmentConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Cho / Salk (1), Cho / GABI (1)Transmembrane Transport Protein
At5g12840EMB 222050% Defective SeedsNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)CCAAT Box Transcription Factor (Hap2A)
At5g13010EMB 3011Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Genoplante (1), Meinke / Salk (1)RNA Helicase
At5g13480FYEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Dean / TILLING (1)Nuclear RNA Binding Protein
At5g13510EMB 3136Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Chloroplast 50S Ribosomal Protein L10
At5g13690CYL 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Devic / Versailles (1)Alpha-N-Acetyl-Glucosaminidase (NAGLU)
At5g13710SMT 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4G. Fink (3), G. Jurgens (1)Sterol Methyltransferase (Yeast Erg6p)
At5g14170EMB 262Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / DuPont (1)Chromodomain Remodeling Complex (CHC1)
At5g14320EMB 3137Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Chloroplast 30S Ribosomal Protein S13
At5g14760AOEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Hashimoto / Salk (1)NAD Biosynthesis
At5g14800EMB 2772Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Proline Biosynthesis
At5g15450APG 6Seed PigmentConfirmed3Myouga / Salk (1), Myouga / Riken (2)Chloroplast Hsp101 Homolog (ClpB3)
At5g15540EMB 2773Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Adherin (AtSCC2)
At5g15920EMB 2782Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)SMC Family Protein (MSS2)
At5g16390CAC 1AEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1E. Wurtele (1)Biotin Carboxyl Carrier Protein
At5g16620PDE 120Seed PigmentConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Li / Feldmann (1)Chloroplast Protein Import (Tic40)
At5g16715EMB 2247Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Valine tRNA Synthetase
At5g16750TOZEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1M. Griffith (1)Uncertain
At5g17710EMB 1241Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Genoplante (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1)Chloroplast GrpE Protein
At5g18570EMB 3138Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / GABI (1), D. Meinke (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Chloroplast Obg-Like GTPase
At5g18580FS 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2D. Bouchez (1), G. Jurgens (1)Protein Phosphatase (PP2A)
At5g18700EMB 3013Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meinke / Genoplante (1)Microtubule-Associated Kinase
At5g18820EMB 3007Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Genoplante (1)Chaperonin
At5g19620OEP 80Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Jarvis / GABI (1), Jarvis / Koncz (1), Meinke / DuPont (1)Chloroplast Outer Envelope Protein
At5g19820EMB 2734Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Karyopherin Beta 3 Transportin
At5g20920EMB 1401Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Translation Initiation Factor (EIF-2 Beta)
At5g21140EMB 1379Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Uncertain
At5g22010AtRFC 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Z.H. Zhu / Salk (3)Replication Factor C Large Subunit
At5g22110CYL 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Devic / Versailles (1)DNA Polymerase Epsilon, Subunit
At5g22130PNT 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1S. Gillmor (1)ER-Localized Mannosyl Transferase
At5g22370EMB 1705Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1), Devic / Versailles (1)GPN-Loop GTPase 2
At5g22640EMB 1211Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Uncertain
At5g22800EMB 1030Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke / DuPont (2)Alanine tRNA Synthetase
At5g23720PHS 1Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Hashimoto / SAIL (1)MAPK Phosphatase
At5g23880EMB 1265Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Cleavage and Polyadenylation Specificity Factor
At5g23940EMB 3009Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed2Meinke / Genoplante (1), D'Auria / Salk (1)BAHD Transferase Family
At5g24120SIG 5Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Allison / Madison (1), Allison / SAIL (1)RNA Polymerase Factor
At5g24314PDE 225Seed PigmentNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Unknown
At5g24400EMB 2024Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)6-Phosphogluconolactonase
At5g24670EMB 2820Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / GABI (2)Adenosine Deaminase (TAD3)
At5g26742EMB 1138Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)DEAD/DEAH Box RNA Helicase
At5g27270EMB 976Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Mireau / Versailles (1)PPR Protein
At5g27540EMB 2473Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Mitochondrial GTPase
At5g27720EMB 1644Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)U6 snRNA Associated Protein (LSm4)
At5g27740EMB 2775Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Salk (2), Meinke / DuPont (2)DNA Replication Factor (RFC3)
At5g35220EGY 1Seed PigmentConfirmed4Li / Salk (2), N. Li (1), Myouga / Wisconsin (1)ATP-Independent Metalloprotease
At5g37510EMB 1467Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Mitochondrial NADH Dehydrogenase
At5g37630EMB 2656Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Chromosome Condensation
At5g39680EMB 2744Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PPR Protein
At5g39710EMB 2745Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PPR Protein
At5g39750EMB 3008Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Genoplante (1)MADS-Box Family Protein
At5g39980EMB 3140Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke / SAIL (1), Myouga / Riken (1)PPR Protein
At5g40160EMB 506Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1M. Devic / Versailles (1), Meinke / DuPont (1)Uncertain
At5g40480EMB 3012Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Genoplante (1)Nuclear Pore Complex Protein (Nup210)
At5g41480GLA 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Y. Machida (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1), D. Meinke (1)Dihydrofolate Synthetase
At5g42080ADL 1AEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Bednarek / Madison (2)Dynamin-Like Protein
At5g42970COP 8Seed PigmentConfirmed1Deng / Feldmann (1)Component of COP9 Signalosome
At5g48230EMB 1276Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Acetyl CoA Acetyl Transferase (Thiolase)
At5g48600SMC 4Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Riggs / SAIL (1)Condensin
At5g48720XRI 150% Defective SeedsConfirmed1West / GABI (1)MND1/AHP2 Complex
At5g48840PTSEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed2Genschel / Salk (2)Pantothenate Synthetase
At5g49010EMB 2812Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Salk (1)DNA Replication, GINS Complex (SLD5)
At5g49160MET 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1R. Fischer (1)Methyltransferase
At5g49930EMB 1441Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Uncertain
At5g50210QSEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Hashimoto / Salk (1)NAD Biosynthesis
At5g50280EMB 1006Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)PPR Protein
At5g50390EMB 3141Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / Wisconsin (1)PPR Protein
At5g50850MAB 1Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1M. Tasaka (1)Mitochondrial PDH-E1 Beta
At5g50960AtNBP 35Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Nakai / Salk (2)Cytosolic IronÐSulfur Cluster Assembly and Delivery
At5g51020CRLEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Y. Machida (1)Plastid Outer Envelope Membrane Protein
At5g51200EMB 3142Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Nuclear Pore Complex Protein (Nup205)
At5g51430EYEEmbryo DefectiveConfirmed1Machida (1)Subunit of Golgi (COG) Complex
At5g52920PKP 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Benning / Salk (1)Plastidic Pyruvate Kinase B1 Subunit
At5g53400BOB 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Barton / Salk (1), K. Barton (1)Noncanonical Small Heat Shock Protein (NudC)
At5g53860EMB 2737Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Ecker (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Unknown
At5g55940EMB 2731Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Processome Protein (NOC4)
At5g56290EMB 2790Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Salk (2)Peroxisome Targeting
At5g56680EMB 2755Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Meinke / Syngenta (1)Asparaginyl-tRNA Synthetase
At5g56930EMB 1789Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (2)Uncertain
At5g57590BIO 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed6Meinke / Syngenta (2), Meinke / Riken (2), Meinke / Salk (1), D. Meinke (1)7-KAP, DAP Aminotransferase; Dethiobiotin Synthetase
At5g57930EMB 1629Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Accumulation of Iron-Sulfur Complexes in Chloroplasts
At5g58230MSI 150% Defective SeedsConfirmed1Gruissem / SAIL (1)WD-40 Repeat Protein
At5g58250EMB 3143Embryo DefectiveNot Confirmed1Myouga / Riken (1)Unknown
At5g59340WOX 2Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Laux / SAIL (1), Laux / Wisconsin (1)Homeodomain Protein
At5g59440ZEUS 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Devic / Versailles (1)Thymidylate Kinase
At5g60540EMB 2407Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Fitzpatrick / Riken (1), Meinke / Syngenta (1), Fitzpatrick / Salk (1)Imidazoleglycerol-Phosphate Synthase Subunit H; Pyroxidine Amidotransferase
At5g60600CLB 4Seed PigmentConfirmed2P. Leon (1), Leon / Salk (1)Isoprenoid Biosynthesis
At5g61410EMB 2728Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (2)Ribulose-5-Phosphate-3-Epimerase
At5g62410TTN 3Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Meinke / Feldmann (1)SMC2 Condensin
At5g62440DOM 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2GABI (1), Devic / Versailles (1)Uncertain
At5g62790PDE 129Seed PigmentConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (2), Qu / GABI (1)1-Deoxyxylulose 5-Phosphate Reductoisomerase
At5g62990EMB 1692Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)PORR Domain Protein
At5g63050EMB 2759Embryo DefectiveConfirmed4Meinke / Syngenta (4)Unknown
At5g63420EMB 2746Embryo DefectiveConfirmed2Meinke / Syngenta (1), Meinke / Salk (1)Metallo-Beta-Lactamase Family Protein
At5g64580EMB 3144Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Salk (1), Meinke / SAIL (1), Myouga / Riken (1)Uncertain
At5g66055EMB 2036Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (2), D. Meinke (1)Uncertain
At5g66680DGL 1Embryo DefectiveConfirmed1Lerouge / Salk (1)OST Complex Subunit
At5g67570EMB 1408Embryo DefectiveConfirmed3Meinke / Syngenta (1), Zhang / ABRC (1), Meinke / DuPont (1)PPR Protein